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Helping children sleep.
Helping you sleep.

Sleep is essential. After following a sleep programme for my son and having huge success in getting him to sleep well as a baby, I then felt strongly that I wanted to help others be able to do the same with their children. Sleep deprivation can be a lonely, emotional and daunting experience, but it can be sorted.

Babies, children and grownups all need the right amount of sleep in order to achieve the most out of every day. Our energy, mental and physical health, behaviour and temperaments are greatly affected by how much good quality sleep we get.

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About Me

Jo Swallow - Certified Baby Sleep Consultant

Having qualified, with distinction, as a Sleep Practitioner (London School of Childcare Studies, 2021) I am able to work with parents to get your babies sleeping the right amount and of good quality. If your children sleep well then you as adults can sleep well too. Everyone in the house can wake up rested and happy.

I know how hard it is to be sleep deprived. Every day feels like a battle and every night is a worry. Getting my baby’s sleep sorted changed everything. I want to be able to do the same for all those who choose to follow one of my programmes.

I am passionate about helping parents. I am passionate about living life to the full. I am passionate about getting a good nights sleep. 

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My Services

My role as a sleep practitioner is to help families get good sleep back into their lives in the most efficient way possible. I will supply all the advice and knowledge that I have feeling confident that I can change your lives for the better. Getting sleep sorted is so important. Each baby is individual and all families have different situations to factor into a routine so I will work closely with the parents to provide a solution that everyone is comfortable with.

Newborn Guidelines - Phone Consultation


  • 1 hour phone call

  • Written guidelines

Ideal for – babies age 0-6 months, top tips on how to get young babies into all the right habits ready to sleep through the night.

Sleep Plan - Phone Consultation


  • 1 hour phone call

  • Bespoke sleep plan

  • 2 weeks phone support

Ideal for - babies 6-24 months, old enough to be sleeping through the night with no feeds or only one dream feed.

Daytime Home Visit


  • 1 hour home visit

  • Bespoke sleep plan 

  • 2 weeks phone support

Ideal for – babies 6-24 months, old enough to be sleeping through the night with no feeds or only one dream feed. For families that prefer a face to face approach.

Bedtime Home Visit


  • ½ hour phone consultation

  • 2.5 hour visit at bedtime (5.30-8pm)

  • Bespoke sleep plan

  • 2 weeks phone support

Ideal for  - babies 6- 24 months, old enough to be sleeping through the night with no feeds or only one dream feed. The bedtime home visit enables me to give a more hands on supportive role.

2-5yrs Big Bed Package


  • 30min phone consultation

  • 3 days phone support

Ideal for - toddlers between 2-5 years old who are about to or already have transitioned from a cot to a bed. Top tips and support to help children stay in their own beds.

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I can’t recommend Jo and her sleep services enough - she helped get my 9 month old sleeping through the night after less than one week!

She was extremely friendly and professional and gave me the confidence and support needed to implement the adjusted schedule and stick to sleep training. Her knowledge and experience was clear to see and she was generally great to talk to!

She totally transformed our lives. She was so reassuring and supportive

I see Jo as my absolute hero. She gave us so much support throughout the whole ‘journey’, made it all so easy and comforting. She was always there when we needed her

William now sleeps through the night and its life changing. My eyes don’t sting in the mornings anymore, I am full of energy 

It's been a complete game changer, we're both so happy, honestly can't thank you enough!

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Get in touch to book a consultation, or leave me a message about anything else and I’ll get back to you.

Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9

07917 003619

Thanks for your enquiry. Jo will be in contact with you soon

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